• By Published On: August 15, 2017

    The Suzuki Inazuma 250 is one of those bikes that’s built for a simple purpose: cheap and efficient transportation of a single body from A to B. Nothing more, nothing less. But if you take a good look a the bike, it has some cool ingredients for some fun on the road. […]

  • By Published On: May 29, 2017

    Husband/wife Max and Erica of Droog Moto quickly made fame with their custom motorcycles. They’ve opened up their shop last year and delivered a handful of machines with post-apocalyptic looks which are best to be labeled as scramblers. It all started with this Honda CM400. But they don’t focus on one […]

  • By Published On: March 29, 2017

    I usually complain about our six month riding season here in Holland, but when being snowed in every single year is a guarantee, it may be not so bad after all here. But when you’re not able to ride due to the weather, nice things can happen in the garage. The […]

  • By Published On: March 28, 2017

    The Suzuki SV650. My first real (road legal) motorcycle. I still can remember the day that we’ve picked up this half-fairing, sharp-lined v-twin machine. Not a lot of power, but lots of torque and fun for rookie riders who like to have a bit more “punch” than the regular four inline […]

  • By Published On: January 30, 2017

    NCT Motorcycles from Austria is becoming one of those “well-known builders” and they keep producing very cool custom motorcycles. In our photo contest for “best custom of 2016”, they even had 2 bikes in the Top 10. Their latest machine, a radical Ducati 848, will soon be published on BikeEXIF, but […]

  • By Published On: January 4, 2017

    2017 still is a cold start with another bike from the end of last year. Here are some pictures of a cool café racer based on a Suzuki GSX400 Inazuma (Japanese version), built by GiaMi Motorcycles from Italy, called “The Return”. PS: Don’t forget to vote for the best custom of 2016! […]

  • By Published On: December 13, 2016

    If I say GSX-R or Gixxer I bet you don’t think of dirt roads and off road riding. But Motor più Garage from Italy changes that by turning a Gixxer into some kind of scrambler. Photo’s edited by Inazuma Luke.

  • By Published On: November 3, 2016

    To explain what riding a motorcycle is about to non-motorcyclists you get on a slippery slope. Ask a motorcyclist and chances are that there are many, many explanations. Some like speed and performance, some say it’s the freedom that they experience, others like being outside or feel “one with the machine”, […]

  • By Published On: January 27, 2016

    We don’t see a lot of small sized custom bikes around, last year we’ve featued one or two small engined Honda’s, but most builders choose larger 2 or 4 cylinder base bikes. But by accident I stumble on this cool Suzuki GN125 Street Tracker, built by a certain “Thomas” from France: […]

  • By Published On: December 21, 2015

    My first bike was a 2007 Suzuki SV650s, I really loved the engine of this torqy 2 cylinder which gave the bike a huge fun factor. But there where a lot of things I did not like: It had an awful riding position, sloppy suspension, simply no brake power at all and […]

  • By Published On: December 1, 2015

    Diamond Atelier is know for their clear vision on custom motorcycles and created some real masterpieces (like this BMW R100R we’ve featured earlier). Build number 5 (codename DA5) is based on a ’92 Suzuki DR650, which was the daily ride of co-founder Tom Konecny. The Suzuki DR650 is a real dirt bike […]

  • By Published On: November 24, 2015

    Sometimes I just stumble upon a cool looking custom motorcycle without specs, just like this Suzuki GSX-R Café Racer by the German brewers of Custom Wolf. They’ve customized this GSX-R 1100 into something “strong & black” and called it “Espresso”.

  • By Published On: November 9, 2015

    Although we’ve listed the Suzuki GS-series on our list of popular cafe racer base bikes, we don’t see them that much. A lot of brewers pick the Honda CB750 instead of the Suzuki when turning the bike into a café racer. OK, with all the aftermarket parts, proven engine upgrades and […]